Monday, January 30, 2012

St. Mary's Lab 1

My second time at St. Mary's defiantly felt a lot more comfortable then the first time. I found myself learning some names and even some of the kids could remember my name. I also felt like the kids were getting more comfortable with of us being there. They seemed excited to play the games and get involved with whatever activity we were playing. I thought the TA's did a really nice job with teaching the kids fun tag games and playing with the parachute. However, one thing I observed was that the kids seemed very rowdy and weren't always listening. But the TA's adapted very well to how the children were acting and didn't get discouraged. One thing I noticed was that the kids were all involved, whether it be in games, jump roping, hula hooping, playing with doll houses, or team sports. I noticed that the older kids played a lot of organized sports like soccer, handball and football. The younger kids played tag, house, hula hoop and jump roping. I thought that their skills varied but I they all seemed above average. Overall, my second time at St. Mary's was very exciting and seeing the TA's teach really got me excited to teach in two weeks! 

                     Lab 1 Write-Up

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