Sunday, January 22, 2012

First day at St. Mary's!

On Wednesday we went to St. Marys for the first time. We got there and there were kids of all ages running around. It's a great environment, there is a large gym, a playroom for the Pre-K kids and a cafeteria for snack and other activities like Legos, games and coloring. I was able to play in the gym with the older kids first. I saw a group of girls sitting down on the bleachers so i wanted to get them involved. I started having  hula-hooping contests and games and a bunch of girls started to join in and get involved! After hula-hooping I decided to play Simon says! There was a large group of girls and even a couple of boys joining in on the game! It was really awesome to see everyone getting active and having fun! Next I went to the Pre-K room and I played house, memory and even some art. I went to the cafeteria after that and colored with the older kids. Overall, my first experience was very exciting and enjoyable. I look forward to getting to know the children more and teaching them through physical education!  

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