Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Best and Worst Moments

Here is my Prezi presentation I made of My Best and Worst Moments. I talk about playing soccer at Finger Lakes Community College. Check out the link below!

                           Best and Worst Moments

Bittersweet Feeling

Today was the last day at St. Mary's. I must say I was very sad for it to end. However, I think back to my first visit and how uncomfortable and timid I felt. Looking back on my journey, I can see that I have become much more confident when it comes to teaching. Each week I wanted to challenge myself and try new things. The experience I was able to have at St. Mary's was very special because it proved to me even more why I want to be a Physical Educator. I really enjoyed walking in every other Wednesday and seeing all of the kids sitting there eager to see what we had in store. That's what makes teaching so rewarding to me. I love that kids want to play and be active! The students at St. Mary's were great kids and not to mention, great movers! So for me I did have a bittersweet feeling when it was all done. I feel like I have grown from this and I plan on getting even better in 255.

This week we got to play some parachute games. I mean, who doesn't love playing with the parachute? It was a blast sitting under the "mushroom" and having dance-offs and sending the balls into the air. Later my group had the cafeteria group which consisted of fifth graders. We got to go down to the cafeteria and go play with Legos, blocks, and paper dolls. Then we headed upstairs to the gym to play a game with the older kids. We played basketball however, they had to have a certain number of passes before they could play. I decided to be the referee to keep the game under control. I think that the kids had a lot of fun. Then we got to have a free time so I played soccer with a couple of the boys and girls. Come to find out that they are incredibly skilled soccer players! Then we ended with Sharks and Minos and did the St. Mary's cheer. Then it was all over!

My experience at St. Mary's will be something I will remember. I will look back on the college girl who was a little scared in the beginning and was able to break out of her shell! PED 201 has really been awesome and it has made my first semester at SUNY Cortland one to remember. I really would like to thank my group members you guys have been my main supporters through all of this. Also a BIG thanks to our wonderful TA, Steph. You have been so incredibly helpful and made this class more comfortable and have helped all of us grow as future educators. Also, thanks to Professor Yang, I hope to have the enthusiasm and passion you have for PE one day in my near future. Lastly, thanks to all my classmates! Crazy to think that this semester has come to an end already but it certainly is one we will all remember. 

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