Saturday, March 31, 2012

More Fun at St.Mary's!

This week was awesome at St.Mary's! It was a great learning experience because originally we were assigned special projects and we had to change to PRE-K when we go there. At first I was a little nervous for the change but I was excited to challenge myself. Today's motor skill to be assessed was overhand throw and catching. We played a Sesame Street themed game where the kids had to throw the different balls into Oscar the grouches trashcan. I was very surprised at how well they they did with the overhand throw. I also think they had a great time with the game and enjoyed using their imaginations. 

After that we joined the PRE-K kids outside at the playground. I instantly was "it" in tag and started playing freeze tag and hide and go seek with all of the kids. Then I hung out with a bunch of the kids and they showed me how they could climb, hang and swing. I had some great conversations with them about what kinds of bugs they liked the most and their favorite foods. I found it very easy to talk and play with all of them because they were so interested in playing with us. 

After playing outside, we went inside and they had a quick snack. we met them in the gym and played different types of tag using different motor skills like jumping, skipping, hopping, galloping, and speed walking. Then we played follow the leader and did a bunch of silly things like bear crawling, dancing, lunging, and hopping like bunnies. Overall, I really enjoyed spending my afternoon with the PRE-K children!

While I was nervous in the beginning I think that my group worked really well together and came up with some great activities to do to keep them active. They had a lot of fun and it seemed to be successful!       


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