Thursday, March 8, 2012

Aloha from St. Mary's!

This week at St. Mary's it was a Hawaiian theme because all of us Cortland students have spring break fever! My group showed up in some pretty awesome Hawaiian shirts and look pretty "rad" in our outfits. Once we arrived in the gym I noticed that a lot of kids were not there after school. We got right into observing the motor skills that were assigned this week, (horizontal jump, leap, and slide). I was very impressed with their skills and they seemed very advanced for kindergarten and first graders. This week we were with the preschoolers and it was a HUGE difference from the fifth graders. 

We went into the Preschool room and we played with blocks, colored, legos and played with dinosaurs. There was only about ten kids there after school.We sang songs and read a Hawaiian themed book about a colorful fish named Humu. After that we went into the gym and did a fun obstacle course with the kids. I told them a story about having to go on a mission like Dora and Diego to save the animals. They seemed to really enjoy going through the obstacle course and using their imaginations. 

Before I knew it, it was already time to go. I thought that my group did an excellent job this week and I really enjoyed teaching the Preschoolers. They were great listeners and seemed to really enjoy all of our activities. I am noticing that every time I go to St. Mary's I am feeling more comfortable and confidant each time. Can't wait until next time!
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