Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Will you be my Valentine?

This week at St. Mary's our theme was Valentines because the holiday was coming up! It was the first time we were assigned groups and we got to prepare games and teach them to our group. It was very exciting to arrive at the school and see the kids get excited when we came in. I felt really comfortable and confident in myself and my group. We got right into the games and had to observe the gym group and evaluate two children. They played a Valentine's themed version of "temple tag" and they let the kids focus on the three skills we had to evaluate that week. Running, skipping and galloping. We evaluated Jill and Jack and both were kindergarteners. We evaluated their running and noticed that their elbows were not bent. Then we evaluated their gallop and noticed that their arms were not bent and at wait level. Lastly, we evaluated their hop and noticed that their leg was not bent. Other then that, I thought that their motor behaviors seemed very advanced for their age.

After we spent time in the gym, my group joined the older kids in the cafeteria and got involved with the different activities they were playing. I sat with a bunch of girls and boys and we played with Legos and they talked to me about school and how their day was. Then we went upstairs to the gym and we taught our first lesson. However, it didn't go as planned. We played Great wall and it went pretty well and then we played handball. Although, we didn't play all of the games we wanted to it still worked really well. I thought that all the older kids seemed really advanced with their motor behaviors and I was very impressed.

Overall, our second lab went really well and I learned a lot about effective ways of teaching and I learned how to evaluate motor behaviors. I can't wait to teach the preschoolers in a week, it should be very fun!

Lab 2 Write-Up

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