Thursday, February 16, 2012

How I use Technology To Stay Fit For 2012!

Celebrating the New Year always get people thinking about what their New Year's resolutions will be, however, most people don't stick with it. I wanted to set a goal for 2012 and stick with it. Being a future Physical Educator, I think it is important to stay healthy and fit to be a role model for my students. My New Year resolution is to train for my first half marathon.I have always been a big runner and I really wanted to challenge myself. Recently, technology has really played a big part in improving our health and fitness. I needed to find a program online to follow each day, I use the Hal Higdon Training Program. Their are thousands of Apps and websites dedicated to health and physical activity. Personally, my favorite App on my iPhone is Nike+GPS. It tracks all your runs, pace, time and it even maps out your runs. For more information you can visit the Nike+ Website. I made a short 2:00 minute video showing how I use technology and entered it into "The Healthy New Year Video Challenge". Check out my video below!

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